“With CSW’s expertise, wealth of knowledge and exceptional Strength and Conditioning coaching our son is now a stronger and more body aware young man, who has greater confidence in himself and his sporting abilities”


CADS Kids builds confidence and ability through development, awareness and strength.

CADS Kids Overview

Confidence. Ability. Development. Strength.

Coordinated by our Exercise Physiology & Strength and Conditioning Teams, the CADS Kids Program provides a strong framework for growth and development, building confidence and ability.

CADS Kids is designed specifically to cement a solid foundation for your child’s development of enhanced hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills, movement patterns, body and spacial awareness, strength and injury prevention. Evidence shows that not only will your child’s confidence grow as a result of their improved movement competency, they are also likely to become more involved in sport and other physical activity.

With the support and collaboration where required from our Physiotherapists as well as Yoga and Meditation teachers, CADS Kids is a program formulated with decades of combined industry knowledge and scientific research.

An initial assessment is required prior to joining a small group (maximum four kids). This will allow one of our team to undertake a comprehensive screening including detailed history and profile combined with identifying your child’s goals and needs. Up to three private 1:1 sessions may follow, working on foundation movements and exercises that will be incorporated into your child’s personalised program. Ongoing private 1:1 sessions are also available upon request.

CADS Kids is suitable for children aged six years and above. Exercise Physiology appointments may be claimable on Private Health Insurance.

For further information or to book an assessment call 9528 4340.