Indoor Bouldering

Indoor Bouldering

Have you ever considered indoor bouldering to mix up your exercise routine? Not only is it a great way to build strength and work on your endurance, it’s an exciting sport that can be enjoyed by everyone from beginners to advanced climbers.

There are many benefits to having a go on our bouldering wall, including:

  1. It can help improve coordination. If you are challenged by physical coordination and body awareness, indoor bouldering has the ability to help you develop a better sense of spatial awareness as well as hand-eye coordination.
  2. It challenges your cardiovascular system. Whenever you are working physically hard, the body’s response is to increase ones heart and breathing rate to accommodate the new level of exertion. The more time you spend on the wall, the more you’ll realise how much hard work goes into bouldering.
  3. It improves your flexibility. Considering all of the stretching, reaching and climbing that is incorporated with bouldering, it should be no surprise that your flexibility and range of motion can dramatically improve.
  4. It is a low impact way to strengthen your body. By utilising almost every muscle in your body, bouldering definitely develops strength in ways you never imagined.

Private Climbs
Private climbs are available for small group bookings. We can accommodate up to 6-8 people per group, with a maximum of 3 climbers on the wall at any one time.
Price: $15 per person, per hour

Climbers – Train and Climb
We welcome novice, intermediate and advanced climbers to discuss our train and climb options. Our Strength and Conditioning team can incorporate climbing within your S&C training session, personalising your program to optimise peak performance and strength for your climbs. An assessment with one of our Exercise Physiologists is required prior to joining one of our S&C small group sessions.

Contact us below for further information and availability, or call 03 9528 4340 to discuss your Indoor Bouldering needs.