Dietetics and Nutrition

We are what we eat. We’ve all heard that phrase before. But what exactly does it mean? Using evidential nutrition information and dispelling untruths, our Dietetics and Nutrition team help educate and associate you with the facts about how food can determine physical and mental performance, while empowering you on how to vary your nutrition to achieve your goals.

Our team can also provide guidance regarding High Performance Sports Nutrition for athletes looking to improve their physical and mental performance. Having worked with and developed evidential nutrition information to elite sporting clubs such as Melbourne Football Club (AFL), the Victorian Institute of Sport and Tennis Australia – we are here to help athletes achieve peak performance.

An initial consultation will review a range of topics including your goals, existing conditions (if any), overall wellbeing, lifestyle, eating habits as well as food likes and dislikes. Follow up consultations include a review of established plans, address any challenges and updates.

We recommend a minimum of 1 x Initial Consultation and 2 x Follow Up Consultations, to allow for sufficient time to implement your personalised nutrition program.

For more information about our Dietetics and Nutrition services, call 03 9528 4340.