Why Centre of Strength and Wellness?

Gym training, injuries, pain, mental challenges, more gym training, setbacks, more pain, breakthroughs, strength gains, mental toughness, self confidence, belief and happiness is how you can best describe the last 20 years of my exercise journey. As a result, every morning I get up and have a simple aim – to make sure my clients don’t follow in my footsteps – but are rather guided along a positive, uplifting, holistic path to mental and physical strength.

Countless times on my journey I felt confused, disappointed and still suffering pain after seeking help. It was only when I found the right team for me that I truly experienced an improved quality of life, self confidence and happiness. We all need a unique team of people to help us on our journey, and that is why Centre of Strength and Wellness was born. Now you have the opportunity to experience a team of likeminded health professionals, who collaborate to get the best possible outcome for you!


We look forward to welcoming you into our centre to experience the unique difference that is CSW –
Ronnie and the Centre of Strength and Wellness team