Meditation and Mindfulness


Our Meditation classes run every fortnight on a Tuesday evening at 8pm. An introduction to effective ways to still the mind, including breath awareness, creative vizualisation and sound; Tanya will guide you through a very special hour.

Spend time devoted to you learning to meditate, deepen your relationship with Self, quieten your mind and reduce stress. We will discuss strategies and explore the concept of active awareness, discernment, boundaries and energy management.


Mindfulness is a simple present moment awareness in a non-judgemental way. Mindfulness is a skill that can be developed through practice and is the antidote to the business of modern life. Mindfulness practice is clinically proven to support cognitive function, emotional wellbeing, pain management and reverse the effects of chronic illness.

All of our Yoga classes include breath work and mindfulness at the end of the class.

Private and small group mindfulness and meditation sessions are also available, contact our team on 9528 4340 for further information.